JUN 13 Harry’s x Vivid Sydney: Ken Oath Records Showcase


Ken Oath Records are dropping by Harry’s to showcase just a taste of what they’re cooking up over the past few years.

Since their inaugural release in January 2017, Ken Oath Records has been shining a torch on everything great that’s happening down under. Over the last three years and 10 releases have delivered acid tracks from Adelaide, funk from Kings Cross and even meditation music from the great state of Queensland.

And they’re backing it up again with some live ambient work from some of Sydney’s finest emerging acts. Playing live is Roy Batty Jr. who’ll be releasing his first cassette with Ken Oath Records soon. It explores ambient, drone, experimental house and jungle. This will also be his first live ambient set so you’re in for a treat!

Playing a live set alongside Roy is Low Flung, a well-loved member of the Ken Oath family who’s released three pieces of work with them to date. His latest release with them back mid last year was described as, “…a balance between styles and spaces that could perfectly soundtrack moments at home, in the club, and in the liminal spaces between.”

And rounding out the night is Bocconcini, starting out as a presenter on the radio show Housewives, she’s gone on spin tracks from her eclectic and cheesy collection of music at parties like Sound Garden, Jacuzzi Stu, and Canned Fruit, as well as putting out a listening mix at the end of last year. As a performance artists, she’s currently focused on ASMR, performing live at PACT and Ultra Virus festival.

Joining her is Ken Oath Soundsystem; ie much loved friends DJ Earl Grey + Greville.

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